Posted by: returnoftheheroes | May 13, 2008

The adventure marches on

Two months away from the madness that will be greeting us as we embark on our African Rally the preparations for the trip are beginning to step up a notch.  We have secured our airline tickets back from Douala and our 5pm ferry over to France. Booked up some pretty comprehensive travel and medical insurance. Filled out half a dozen visa forms (in triplicate). Attempted to book a hotel in Cameroon (pending) and located (probably) a car which will take us on this journey. Not bad for a weeks work!

Now we’re starting to step up the fund raising efforts via the website and sending out  a variety of unsolicited letters to companies that we can tie in with a tedious link who will hopefully help us with some of the costs towards the rally. Which are mounting as we speak, for example countries that are keen to encourage tourism, Nigeria and Cameroon have a funny way of showing the love via their visa system, 70 quid a piece! So yeah this week I will be mostly writing to Ford as we will be embarking on this rally in a 1980’s Ford Fiesta. I’ll let you know if they’re keen otherwise we’ll have to hitch our wagon to someone else.

Stand by for more updates to come detailing our route, our preperations (or lack of it, currently have a CB radio and thats it), sponsorship and other vaguely  amusing and witty stuff



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