Posted by: returnoftheheroes | May 14, 2008

A little background

I realized that i perhaps launched into the preparations a touch quick for those who aren’t aware of whats going on.

It all started back in November 2007 when the Adventurists launched a few more adventures that they were planning, at that time I was gearing up to go on the Rickshaw Rally and just had a cursory look at what was on offer, South America and Africa etc etc. To be honest  Did question the logic behind the Africa one it did sound just a little crazy andI doubted whether it would even be possible.

Anyways I was to rapped up on the Rickshaw run, and getting the same queries from people about that and if it was even possible yada yada. Needless to say it was one hell of an adventure, manic driving by the Indians,  even worse driving from me and Erica,  crazy driving and roads, but what a way to see a part of a country that you wouldn’t have seen before. You have a real sense of freedom, not being dictated to by travel operators, bus schedules or the lonely planet. 

So fast forward three weeks and I’m back in Reading back at work, to say I was on a come down from that would be a bit of an understatement.  A little bit of juggling of vacation in my head and a few whiskeys I had managed to rationalise in my head that Africa would indeed be the perfect Rally to take part in.  So i signed up sans team, sans car, sans a clue.

 The purpose of this Rally, take a car with an engine size of less than 1L, 7000+ miles through any route of our choosing from London, England to Kribi, Cameroon.  Along the way while clocking up some serious mileage we could potentially be travelling through a ton of countries that people have trouble pronouncing let alone pointing to on a map.   What was there not to love about it.

Admittedly getting together a team proved a little tricky but eventually like all good teams the Return of the Heros was formed by accident. Originally Nick was going to come but unfortunately he has to get with the real world and get a job for the summer. Not so his buddy Dustie who has agreed to act as a co-hero. Top marks for him, esp as i couldn’t remember his name when i first met him, one of two occasions to date.

So that background to all this, standby for some more updates about the charities, 2, 3, the route and how to sponsor us.  I’ll see if we can get Dustie up here as well to give his points of view.





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