Posted by: returnoftheheroes | May 16, 2008

Have a drink with Frank

A large part of this Rally is obviously the fund raising side of things which the Heros have just kicked off with a good amount of spamming on the old emails which is starting to generate some good results, (thank you, Ana, Bruce, Nunan, Unwin Family, Erica no doubt the rest of you will now be clambering to join these top folk). Obviously the fundraising allows Dustie and I to go off on a bit of a mad cap adventure through some ridiculous places, (you wouldn’t believe how useful spell checker is when it comes to listing these places) but it does serve a purpose for the greater. The 100 quid we will be raising will be part of a much larger amount collected by all the teams which will have the ability to make some lasting impacts to the projects they are supporting.  You need to just look at the Rickshaw Run where the 60 teams raised close to 100 Grand, not bad work really. so with this in mind i thought i could delve a little deeper into the charities that you and I will be helping out. 

First up is Frank Water Projects

A relatively new comer to the charity scene it was started by Katie Alcott in 2005 as a not for profit social enterprise.  So far they have funded four water project in India through fundraising and the sale of  Frank Water Coolers and bottles.  This has allowed them to provide clean water to over 6000 people at each of the sites.

 They have the whole water for water thing going on. Their figures are pretty impressive when you look at it, for every new cooler of water you provide it provides the funding of 10,000 litres of clean filtered water for their projects.

The next project that will be up which ties in nicely with the African Rally is a project based in Ghana which with any luck if we sort out our Carnet de Passage in time we will be able to swing by and get a look at, get a few photos and the like. Int he mean time after makign a pretty good hash up of what these guys do, (i urge you to check out their website, they do a much better job than i will do)  i’ll leave you with a few photos of what they have accoplished already in India.

Clean water facility The water purification

Some of the villiagers in India


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