Posted by: returnoftheheroes | May 21, 2008

Booking a hotel room in Nigeria

So you want to go on holiday to Nigeria, sounds good just the small matter of sorting out a hotel reservation for the visa.  have a quick flip through the Lonely Planet / Rough Guide find yourself a hotel, or perhaps go through the internet and find one of their websites and find yourself a hotel there. 

so far so good.

Now try to get hold of one of these places and its a whole new game. Despite calling about 20 seperate numbers for hotels in various town and cities in Nigeria I have yet to actually speak to anyone, not evena  machine.

First priority when i get to Nigeria, show them that when the phone rings you pick it up and start talking, because at the momment it doesn’t look like anyone has made the connection with the phone ringing and people wanting to speak to them.

Somethign tells me we are going to be needing that Cameroon beach resorts more than we know after our litte foray through Nigeria.



  1. I have the answer for hotels in nigeria based on your concerns. Cut out the telephone and make it simple through hotel booking software.

  2. aye thanks neil but their grasp of computer software seems to be even less than the use of telephone, i had to resot tot he telephone after to many mailer daemon replys back.

  3. very interesting!

  4. Eventually we did get a hotel bookign sorted via the Internet and booked on line for a place at the Hilton Hotel in Abudja. Fortunatley they only take payment when you actually stay there and provided you cancel a couple of days before hand it is no big deal which is what we did once we got the visa sorted, as it was like $250 a night other wise.

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