Posted by: returnoftheheroes | June 5, 2008

Charity Number Duo: Cameroon Wildlife Fund

grumpy chimpThe Second Charity that the Rally is sponsoring is the  Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund, because everyone loves to help out with cute fluffy animals like gorillas and chimps. I mean look at this guy over to our left. Even when he’s grumpy he’s cute.

Anyways, these chaps are working hard at tackling the two main problems facing these friendly apes in Cameroon which is Bushmeat and Deforestation

They have done so by setting up a reserve called Mefou National Park, just north of Yaoundéwhich contains over 1000 hectaresof forest.  Why this is so important is the demand for bushmeat is rapidly increasing due to a number of factors, such as an ever increasing population, improved transport links allowing access to bigger markets and that it is up to 75% cheaper than regular farm meat. Coupled with deforestation which see 200,000 hectares of forest being lost annually in Cameroon (200 times the size of the national park) it is becoming a big problem.

So thats charity number two for you chaps to read about.  Hopefully there will be some news about the car progress, dustie tells me he is on the case.



  1. Now that’s one cute chimp!

    And Cameroon is a great charity that most people probably haven’t heard about.

    Thanks for posting this!

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