Posted by: returnoftheheroes | June 14, 2008

Its festia time

So i’ll admit i was starting tog et a little worried about the lack of car issue. after all this is a road trip and we had seemed to be missing th main ingredient. But after a few false starts and a few missed opportunities  we managed tog et ourselves a car. Admitally its done 100k but it only needs to do another 10k and the it can fall to pieces or whatever. crucially, it has four wheels, 5 doors, a couple of windows ad thats about it. Dustie is hard at work pimping i out, first thing is sorting out the iPod connection.  After that is just  matter of fine tuning it. Heading up to Norfolk next weekend to do some welding and the like. I think we might just weld the roof rack straight to the roof or something.  but anyways these are just details and i’m a little hung over t the moment so i’ll just leave you with a picture of the car.

side of car



  1. Nice one Phil. Forget the iPod connection, the first thing you need to do is to find the local spray-painting youths and get your car a new paint job. Something ganga and African inspired would be appropriate. Also, she needs a name – any thoughts??

  2. no name as of yet, however we have acquired a whole bunch of plastic grass turfing that needs putting somewhere. the fiesta might start to resemble a moving bush soon.

    off next weekend for a serious pimping session, so will update then

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