Posted by: returnoftheheroes | June 16, 2008

Second thoughts……..

………nah, who do you think we are. Weekend Hero’s. Think again, ok think again because despite the rumors, Dustie and I aren’t that either. Good, because somebody needs to be doing some around here, because as much i hate to say it, Dustie and I aren’t exactly the Brain Trust. I mean I’m currently getting my intellectual stimulation by watching My Super Sweet Sixteen.

Fortunately those kind folks over at the Adventurists have been doing some for us, and to be honest they seemed to be doing most of thinking in trying to scare the bejesus out of us. Mainly when they start sending emails like this one.

OK, let’s begin!

Compound: A substance composed of two or more adventurists chemically combined in definite proportions by weight.
Mixture: Two or more substances like armed robbery, banditry, tropical diseses that are not chemically united
Solution: An email scarying the bejesus out of us about what to expect when those two come togther.

Do you really want to continue with this trip?

*Ok they didn’t actually send an email like this but i had to remove their scary sounding one and rephrase what they were trying to say in the form of J5.*

Like i said thanks a bunch, this is why there isn’t a lot of thinking going on with the Hero’s. So if emails like this don’t make you feel like sending a few dollars our way for the sponsorship well then i’m not sure what will.  Anyways, we’re not having second thoughts, i mean we’ve just covered the car in fake Astroturf.

p.s just in case you are worried, we’ve been doing all the FCO reading.


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