Posted by: returnoftheheroes | June 19, 2008

Emails that we like to recieve

On the whole those folks at the Adventurists are A, OK, esp when they send us email like this that don’t make me go reaching for my brown trousers.

*Edit* (Like J5 would say)

Jist of the email said there was going to be a kick ass party in a country begining with the letter C that is going to be just super duper. Unfortunatley i can’t show it because you’re not in my club.  but it involved things like fancy dress with medieval themes.

They can send this sort of stuff all day long. So far we also have a stowaway on board in the shape of Keef who is going to tag along for the ride. Strong work. Haven’t quite worked out which route we re going to take to get there yet, but i’m liking the idea of sneaking up on it via Poland. That would really surprise them.  But chances are pretty good though we’ll get bored after driving 24 hours and head straight there.

In other party news, we’ve got a location for our going away party on the 12th of July so drop me or Dustie an email and I’ll send you all the details. I can’t promise  castles or the like but i can promise you drunken rambling and incoherent sentences .


Looks like someone has been trying to find out details about partys in eastern european countries here, judging by the search terms “czechout adventurists” that have been flagged up. Haven’t a clue what thats about or why that would redirect here…………


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