Posted by: returnoftheheroes | June 19, 2008

Some sound medical advice

From the esteemed Dr Hunter S. Thomson regarding medical matters in warm climates

I tend to sweat heavily in warm climates. My clothes are soaking wet from dawn to dusk. This worried me at first, but when I went to a doctor and described my normal daily intake of booze, drugs and poison he told be me to come back when the sweating stopped.

Ok sure he wasn’t a “real” doctor, but like i said earlier, Brain Trust Hero’s.

Anyways, I digress from the main point, while we will mostly be driving through “dry” countries, and the only drugs i take are the ones that keep my heart pumping and posion may just depend on the food we’ll be eating, i agre it will be time to start really worrying when the sweating stops.  Sound advice there, sound advice.


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