Posted by: returnoftheheroes | June 21, 2008

Car update

Up in sunny and warm cold and wet and miserable Norfolk pimping the car up. So far we’ve had a crash course in what shit can go wrong with our car from Alan. We’ve changed out a whole bunch of things with the words filter, pump, plug etc in their names and the car is now running pretty sweet.

Next step is to start decking the car out in the astro-turf. so its a quick visit to the local Homebase/B&Q for some super glue. Standby for some more updates


The car is now about 2/3 rds astro-turfed up. it is looking sweet as a nut.

In other news Dustie and I have most of the garage super glued to our hands.

*Update 2*

The car is 3/4 astro turfed up. Just the back to do now.

We’ve also taken the back seats out except for one. CD/Tape player has been installed.

Still to do are, the roofracks, CB radio, Asto-turf on the back, Gasket and some steel rims.

Side ViewAnother side view


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