Posted by: returnoftheheroes | June 27, 2008

your lying eyes

As i sit here listening to the Eagles, one of the big sticking points among the heros is the choice of music, we have a Good four weeks of driving , 10 hours a day, the chances are we are going to disagree on music and feel that each will have missed out on some classics. to rectify this we would love to hear some suggestion abut what music we should download (through iTunes obviously) that would complete our trip. we’re looking for.

1) classic driving songs i.e. the passenger by iggy pop

2) good left field songs i.e LCD sod system etc, Beistie boys

3) some awesome trance House dance et. i don’t know this stuff but dustie does

4) all time classics ie Hotel California, cocaine etc etc

so like i said, don;t be shy please comment on what  music we should be collecting. i will download it all via iTunes for sure



  1. Crazy Horses from the Osmands!

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