Posted by: returnoftheheroes | June 30, 2008

Trouble at the end of the road?

Getting reports in from Mission Control that the southern route through Nigeria isn’t going to be happening on the account of potholes

Large enough to swallow the truck

This does alter our route a little more and gives us a detour of another few hundred miles. But on the plus side its taking us out of the Delta region and those crazies down there and might allow us to stop off at the CWAF national park in the north of Cameroon and some other national parks in Nigeria.

On the down side we get this instead from our friends in the government

  • We advise against all travel to the area bordering the Central African Republic and Chad, where armed banditry is common.
  • We advise against all travel along the Meiganga-Ngaoundere road and to the Belel area due to cases of banditry (including carjackings).  You should exercise extreme care if travelling on any other route between the north and the south of the country by road, especially if travelling the eastern route through Garoua-Boulai.  See the Local Travel section of this advice for more details.
  • For those of you who’s geography of Central Africa is a little rough, the Meiganga-Ngaoundere section of road that they are referring to is circled in pink in the image below.  Our new entry point into Cameroon is highlighted by the big green arrow, our destination is circled in blue.  the yellow spaghetti lines you see on the map are roads.  Personally I’m hoping this is actually a magic eye image and that if i stare at it hard enough a new secret route that doesn’t go between Meiganga and Ngaoundere will suddenly appear.

    The route

    Like i said before Dusite, make sure those seatbelts are tight!


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