Posted by: returnoftheheroes | July 8, 2008

Two weeks and counting

Well actually less than that NOW!!

As i slowly morph into my office chair, the launch date for the rally creeps ever closer, and the list of things to sort out continues to grow. Rather worryingly the medical kit still is at the top of that list. I got slightly way lay-ed on Friday night which hindered by progress on Saturday morning. I have though  sorted out the reading list, for the journey and ordered those books in.  All about priorities you see.

Needless to say it appears we’re not the only ones who are starting to panic a little bit, it appears other adventurists are in the same boat with lots of questions about which ferries, what clothes and visas being asked in the Facebook group. Fortunately it sounds like the one that what was worrying me the most about visas for Mauritania and Mali might be relatively easy to sort out in Rabbat in Morocco.   So we might have a pleasant little stop over there.

In other good news I have managed to locate our tent which was hiding in the back of will’s car.


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