Posted by: returnoftheheroes | July 16, 2008

Quick Travel round up

48 hrs before we take off into the desert sun! And touch wood it seems to be fairly quite on the African Continent.  Some reports coming in of perhaps a potential coup in Mauritania by the Military and the the usual jibba jabba in Nigeria to do with the Bakassi peninsula which we now will not be travelling near.

No doubt i’ve jinxed it for everyone but it is encouraging. Still plenty to sort out before we go but all in all its looking hopeful.

I wish i could tell you of some significant progress being made but so far its all been paperwork related.

but to leave you with soem good news.  I have just purchased a new shinny SLR, in the form of the Canon 450D.  Do i know how to use it, no i don’t. but so far i’ve manged to succesfuly take a photo of the TV and blind my self with the flash, all positive steps i believe.



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