Posted by: returnoftheheroes | July 17, 2008

Roll of Honour

Before we head off tomorrow, Dustie and I would just like to thank the following people who have so far donated towards the charities that are being sponsored by the Africa Rally, Frank Water projects and CWAF. So far we have raised £680. Not quite the 1000 quid we are aiming for, but fear not those of you who haven’t yet had the time to sponsor us, you can still do so Here.

So thank you

Rob Nunan

Ana Montenegro

Connor McCarthy

Bruce Ducnan

Erica Philips

Keith phillips

Rohan Corlett

Helen Ibrahim

Sophia El Hajbi

Stuart kennedy

Victoria Poole

Xanthe Moss

Elena Nicolaidis

Sarah Williams

Alice bentley

Hannah Tulloch

Lucy Tricker

Susie and Rick Medley

Wietse Cornelissen

Gill Piwowar

Andy MacMillan

Phil Cutter

Matthew Perkins

Bex’s Heller

Simon Barker

Katy Lavender

Johanna Barber

Hamid Razavi

Marc of the Mountain

Neil Carter

Stephen Richards

Nick Bentley

Tim Whittle

So a big thank you to you guys, Dustie has also been collecting money offline, unforuntately i don’t have those names here but will put them up ASAP when i get them. Not trying to Snub you guys.


We’ve gone up to a lovely 800 plus quid, so with what dustie ahs raised and the matching from the Company we have reached the 1000 quid target. terrifc stuff. thank you all very much.


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