Posted by: returnoftheheroes | July 23, 2008

Day 3

Well after an enjoyable night at the campsite we headed off at the crack of noon to the Czech out where the party was being held, a pleasent drive now we had good tires with out much inthe way fo delays,we took the back country route to get to the party which is about 120 km west of Prague. rocke dup at a field which was about half full of cars from all over the shop. was great to see loads of african rally guys makign the effort to get there as well as the Mongol rally chaps.  the field pretty quickly filled up and before logn there were tents and carrs all over the shop. the designs were awesome with some of them. there was a double decker bus, a few ambulances, a mini with a telephone box strapped to it, a group which was planting trees along their route.

The party kicked off at 7.30 with a big pig roast and some local Czech group singing. the party then stepped up a gear to the castle bit where there was a cool ska band and lots of free punch, punch quickly turned into absthine which is a hell of a lot stronger here. Funke might have imbibed a little of this, haha. Was  a very chilled atmosphere with all the teams bonding. bumped into some southampton folk on the mongol rally who rather randomly i did a group project with his housemate a few years back. small world. they were off to Mongolia.

Unfortunately the rain came pouring down but not for long and we sought shelter in the Funk room where we did some grooving . all great fun, finally went to bed around 4 ish or so. not really sure.


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