Posted by: dustieorton | July 23, 2008

Day 5/6

Day 5 commenced with military efficiency. Within 20 minutes of being awoken the camp had been packed, teeth brushed and the showers ignored. After a quick fuel stop we hit the motorway from Strasbourg and started making some good progress. It felt especially good to start our 5th day on the road as it was the first to start with us heading towards africa. However, the Kilometres (like miles but smaller) didn´t go quite as quickliy as they could have.  An early plan to avoid toll roads was proving time consuming and the traffic was taking its toll. Travelling in convoy with Cara and Hettie also caused some delays and after spending an hour finding a supermarket, and a coulple more on toilet breaks the girls had truly worn The Heroes patients thin.

At a service station an hour north of Perpignon ( South France), we decided to part ways as the girls were tired and the heroes were hungry for morroccan kebabs. The dicision to go on turned out to be a good one, and as we hit Barcelona the roads were very quiet and we made great progress through the night, morning and early afternoon and made it to the ferry crossing point, Almeria,  at about 3pm on day 6. Odometer showing we´d covered well over 2,500 miles so far. The only other interesting thing of note for day 6 so far is that we gave our first handout (not quite a bribe, more a tip) to a very friendly car park attendent for some sketchy directions and not stealing anything from our car while we brought a ferry ticket.  and so it begins.



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