Posted by: returnoftheheroes | July 23, 2008

Day One

So months of stenus planning and pimpign out fo the car all boiled down to Friday the 18th of July, the launch day. We turned up pretty uchon time withthe green machine after doing some last min admin, to find ourselves ushered to the centre stage along witht he other cars who “had made an effort”. we were looking pretty damn good, unfortunately we didn´t win best car, losing out to some zebra’s and cheetah print cars but i think we still had the moral victory. anywyas.  problems from the start. turns out the passports hadn´t been returned yet from the Nigerian embassy. good news was it looked like we would be getting our visa´s. so we participated in the big send off, which was a great crack, lots of people turned up and we tore off out of hyde park to circle round and resume the same position as 15 mins before.

Marc V d B turned up to give us a first aid kit which was much appreciated, and Funke also arrived to be our Prague Party Crasher complete with matching jumpsuit! Team Player.  Anyways by 5 the passports had finally been returned to us , much thanks to John the poor advenutrists who had been locked in with the Nigerian Embassy sorting all this crap out and we were off. a slow departure from london, slow enough for a crazed rasta man to tell us that our car had come from the earth and perhaps we would like to buy some weed off of him.

made the ferry in good time and got of fin Calis, unfortunately as the post below mentions this is where the problems started, got a blow out onthe motorway after i started driving, not cool, so fixed that and then spent 3 hours looking for a garage to check the tire pressure, which wasn´t happening at 2 am, ended up sleeping like gypysies in a car park.


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