Posted by: returnoftheheroes | July 23, 2008

Day Two

Onwards and upwards

So a quick stop in a french car park for the night and we were on our way again, checked the air pressure, (more on this later) and we tour off across Belgium and Germany. can´t say anything exciting really happened, all motorway driving, the green machine sucks petrol at 70 mph but does about 300 miles at 60 mph. but since we were in a hurry we were goign at about 80 plus.. then things started to go wrong again, we were about 100 km from Nurenberg and i was driving again when the wobbling feelign came back jsut as i was tryign to overtake  a lorry at 80 mph. yep another flat tire, a quick manuver to the right and we luckily pulled over right next to a rest stop. (it later transpired i had perhaps inflated the tires a little to high after miss reading the dial back in France)


 Read the above sentence as ” I inflated the tires to double the max reccomended pressure for a fully laden car” for a more accurate representation of events…. I did buy the crappy tires so i´m to blame  as much if not more. [lets not mislead the readers phil].



unfortunately we still hadnñt got a new replacement tire for the spare we were using already. so had to call inthe recovery services.  (unfortunately only 3 days earlier we had decided RAC cover for europe at 70 quid was unnecessary). A cool truck turned up, promptly took lots of pictures of the green machine and picked us up. The problem was, it was 7pm on a saturday evening, no garages are open and certainly none open the next day, we were looking at misisng the party in Cech and trying to get Funke to the airport in Prague. Fortunately our man had the connections and we turne dup at this garage who were able to sell us 4 news tires, slightly lower profile but at least they were good ties. so thank you Paulo and Co for sorting that out for us.  They even showed us to a camp site where it was time for SUMMER FEST, OHYEAH!!! turns out summer fest was loads of eldery german couples singing drinking songs, we cut quite the scene with our jumpsuits. I also tried top put up a tent in a gale, with out much success at one point it threatened to blow away!


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