Posted by: returnoftheheroes | July 25, 2008

Car Update

SO 3000 miles in and touch wood the car is doing ok.

it appears to be coping witht he heat ok. not sure if the water ismeant to fly up and boil when you take the cap off but the temp gauge says everythign is fine so not knowing any better we are assuming it is.

we appear to be aquiring ,more and more crap along the way. we seem to have less room now that Funke has left so not sure how that works out.

the only problem we seem to have is. a leak coming from the engine. it means we have to check the oil every fez hundread miles or so. as long as we keep it toppe dup everything is fine. we don,t then the car breaks and we go home. so going to buy 20L of thqt before ze push on into the desert


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