Posted by: returnoftheheroes | July 25, 2008

day 7

***appolgies for the spelling this ti,e it really is the keyboard. literally about to start fitting just looking at it . its that busy************


left spain with a few million people (surley hundread. Ed) on the ferry. everyone seemed to have the idea that if they sat on their horn and pushed their car through they would get on first. a little different to the ferry at dover. anyways. just about to board at 2230 for the 2300 sailing when literally feet from, the ramp we get denied entry as we don;t have our boarding passes apparentley we just have a reciet. so quick dash to the ticket off to stand behind 5 chaps who seem to be collecting tickets on behalf of half the ship. anyways got our tickets which was good. and hopped onto the ferry. we had the last laugh as the way it was loaded ze zere literally the first in line to get off.

a pleasent 7 hour crossing to Nador in eastern morroco. usual proceddure for passports and importation was repeated on board. a line of thousands immediatley started queing. so we had a beer and went and slept. went up there 1 hour before we unloaded and there was no line. all cleared in 10 mins. again unloaded and the usual looks and stairs while customs and immigrattion looked at our newley stamped paper work and papers. and “à mins later we were into Nador.

we were very kindly helped by a friendmy dutch/morrocan chap called Khaled who we convoyed with to taza; had we brekkie on the way. roads here are very good and we hit the main highway just after fez. beuty of a road and we made very good time

unfortunatley we saw our firt Roqd Traffic Accident. RTA. about 30 clicks from Rabbat we came accross a new merc which had driven off the road and had flipped over. the guy  did not look in a good way at all. pretty dead looking in fact.  unfortunatley there was very little we could do to help at this point. there were already 20-50 locals on site calling in ambulances and the like. so rather soberly we carried on. but certinally a reality check. no tother car was involved so it was a bit of mystery what coul have caused this. it was literally a straight bit of road in very good nick.

we carried on to Rabbat before proceeding south to cacablanca and eventually marrakesh. we got here just at sun down which; meant it was ideal for navigating through. alogn with the rest of the morrocan population. needless to say. only stoping once for directions we found our selves a car parkign space int he centre of down by the mosque and a hotel for 200 d with air con.

went to Hustle central for supper. so,e how they keep on finding more people as there was like 200-500 stalls all cooking supper for what seemed like thousands along with loads of oj ellers and everything else you could imagine0 very similar to the constant din and feel of parts of india. just non stop. but had a lovely meet kebab and a wander around before hitting the hay. lazy start this l*morning heading out in a little bit.

hopefully pushing on to the border with western saharah today. plqn is to hit Mori by monday morning. going to get the visa.s at the border and the mali visa in the capital. still on track for the plan of being in Mali byt the end of next zeek. but then plans of mice and men;

probably be out of contqct for q while. shoiuld still be qble to keep the txt updates going though.

3100 miles on the clock. beard is looking good, oh and FYI its hotter than an oven ehre. i am sweating like its going out of fashion.



  1. thank you for this infos

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