Posted by: returnoftheheroes | July 25, 2008

Important Advances in Car Cooling

Through this trip we have had time to start postulating a theory about performance  of cars covered in fake grass. it is co,ing to our attention that we might have in advertently come across the next big thing. the car is progressing very smotthly despite the intense heat. we would liek to postulate a theory that this is due to the excellent heat disappating capacity oif the astroturf. the incredibly large amouint of surface area the surface gives allows the heat to be slowly absorbed but the rapidly cooled by the large amount of wind blowing over it

Car Temp = Sp*A-A*(H*n*pi*r^2)*V


Sp = Sunpower

A = Area of Grass

H = hight of grass

n= number of grqss in square meters

V = velocity of cqr

There is a few bit ,ore tidying upt to do but we feel thqt shortley we will be able to present this at the next Foroum of Adeventurists


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