Posted by: returnoftheheroes | July 26, 2008

day 8&9

Currently on locqtion in Western Sahara. this place uis awesome if you are into police check points. sand. camels on the road. sun and scrub land. other than that. not os much, actually they do have very cheap petrol, like 50p a litre which isg iving our finances a much needed break.

goign to be quick as there is a tagine on its way.

left maralesh yesterday morning. drove through literally an oven. it was roasting on this really really slow road but got to agadier in reasonable time where we stopped at a macro and procceeded to buy. motor oil. beer. orginia. and pasta in that order pretty much.

had some hassle getting out of the store but all worke dout

ended up camping near sidi ifni along the cost which zqs cool, had a few beers

got auit elost on literally a one route out of tozn zhich cost us a fezw hours the next day but all worked out, came inland and pushe donto western saharah by lunch time.

we,re about 200 km from the largest town in W Sahara.

going to push for the border tomorrow so hopefully we can cross it on monday mornign first thign and head to the capital where we are going to pick up our Mali visa,s


oh and i have officially joined the motoring community, got busted doing 65km/h in a 40 zone. not cool that was a 40 euro fine. literally in the desert. middle of no where. but at least no points.



  1. Hi Phil & Dustie,
    Just to let you know there are 2 friendly faces in Dakhla if you want advice or if you have any mechanical problems, we can help. We have lived in Dakhla for 3 years and have helped many rally participants in the past.
    give us a call 00212 78879549 anything at all!!
    Before I go 2 tips for you next bit!
    “Slow right down” for the camels, they have a tendancy to gallop across the road at the last second. 3 ton camel vs small car, well !! you could end up with a convertiable!!!!!
    And watch out for a man on a moped in Goulmin, he will try to sell you cigs and tea for bribeing the police, you don’t need too, save your money !! The directions here are a little squiffy to, apparently someone has turned the sign around!!
    Enjoy your trip down, hopefully see you in Dakhla for a beer, it really is the last point of civilisation!!!
    All the best
    Freya & Colin – Dakhla

  2. Hi Freya and Colin

    Thank you very much for the offer
    we actully stopped for about an hour in Dakla but kept going as it was only lunch time
    we ended up camping on the beach about 40 km from the border
    but thanks again for the offer
    there should be soùme more team crusing by int he next week though
    I’m sure a sign saying ” adventurists this way” will get them in


    ps we bought the cirgrette but didn’t use them
    dustie has been to busy smoking them

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