Posted by: returnoftheheroes | August 6, 2008


So chaps

Its been a while we currently are in Abuja in Nigeria and have been with out internet for a while so a quick country updqte for you guys to wet your whistle with.


Pretty big place, lots of empty space. it seemed to change completely as we came over tyhe border from Mouri.  besides our infraction with the traffic cop thigns were pretty cool there. we left Bamako to head up to Djenne which has the world heritage mud mosque.  … yeah it was ok. can’t say i will be heading back in a hurry though.  the green machine had to catch a random ferry to get over there which caused a bit of a worry as the ferry didn’t exactly come right up to the beach/. but like a star it encountered another hurdle and delt with it forthwith. happy days. we got mobbed byt he local tour guide tout crowd but ended up having a very nice guided tour around the city learnign its history and the like. we spent the night up on the roof undersome very makeshift mozzie nets. and got rudely awake at 5am by the call to prayer, dustie slept through it as per usual.

after our tour aroudn the city we got ourselves back ontot he ferry and headed a bit back on ourselves and south tot he Bukina Faso border. what was going to be quit e a quick trip descended into three hours of car crunching aginy as the “red Route” turned intoa massive pothole with smaller potholes in it. plus it started raining cats and dogs which helped. it took us those three hours to crawl 50 km. where upon we came across a junction and mistakenly turned left and promptly got pulled over by some cop who happened to be guarding this completely deserted stretch of road. we manged to avoid an infraction with a present of a cigar.  managed ot make the border with out further incident and were ushered through with minimal of hassle. they tried their usual tricks for presents and export visas and th like but we told them to jog on

overall, Mali was good to us, pleasent driving good roads with the exception of that one road.  plenty of space.


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