Posted by: dustieorton | August 6, 2008

Togo and Benin

The journey into togo was short but sweet. We crossed the border with, by african standards, very little trouble. We headed straight to , where we spent the night in a Dapaong, a pretty small town in the north of the country. The town had no electric but nonetheless we had a pretty good night. The hotel was basic but liveable and dinner of cous cous was delicous.

The border crossing into  Benin was not so smooth, we were asked for “presents” more times than we can remember (none given) on the togo side and on the benin side there was nobody there! Fair enough it was a sunday but we had to search for someone to stamp our car import documents which took forever, but was pretty amusing.  Being repeatedly sent back and forth between posts by irritated guards in monsoon was certainly a refreshing experience. After this the situation didn’t improve much, the road from the border was awful, the green machine, errr i mean the car, took a pounding.

Things looked up once we stopped for the night in Parakou. We got another cous cous dinner (delightful) and went out on the town with a couple of locals. I would love to expand on how the night went more than that it was very good, but i cannot really recall. Phil will have to expand.

Anyway after a quick 4 hour detour (cheers phil) it was time to hit the nigerian border



  1. Clearly you guys need the navigational expertise of a lady! Fx

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