Posted by: returnoftheheroes | August 12, 2008

End Of Days

So We’ve made it; the warm palm tree lined beaches of Kribi are welcoming Dusite qnd I as well as the green machine, happy days indeed with a cold beer in hand.

9755 miles through 14 countires in just over three and a half weeks. before we get to this i will pick up from where we left off, so cast your minds back to Nigeria;

So after we left the internet cafe where we last updated you we found out that the nigerian who had shown us the place deliberatley took this long route to get there; turned out it was 150 meters from our ‘hotel’ he didn’t get any fee for that.

so we left once again at the crack of dawn and head north west to the town of Biu well that was the plan. unfortunatley Mr murphy and his bag of tricks turned up. in the shape oa flat tire. not any flat tire mind you. one that had been so worn out that the metal in the tires were showing. quick check of the other tier confirmed the same problem. so back to town  at a snail pace where we bought two new montstor tires at the obligtory white boys fish out of water price. that was pleasent. but the green machine now looked like it had been taking a healthy dose of steroids with some punped up wheels at the back. on wards we continued tot he town of Biuy. the roads where much better in the north but the we encountered fuel shortages for fuel all over the place. stayed ina decent hotel for a reasonable price and had some tasty but spicy food. 

left again in the early hours for the cameroon border. checkpoints picked u^p but no where as near as bad as the ones in the south. one solider had a very aminated decprition about how he fought rebels in the Ivory Coast witht he Un complete with noises and sound affects. we then proceeded to hit the worst road yet. only 10 km long but took us 3 hours to cover even with a local guiding us. everyone tried to persuade us to go somewhere else but this was the offical entry point. so after three hours of the biggest ^potholes and obstacles along witha touch of heat exhuastion we made the border. that was very smooth turnign up just after friday prayer. stamped out of nigeria jsut as the rains hit. and we talking monsoon african rainy season rains.

this is where i mention the border is a dry river bed with 10 ft banks on each side. of course these dry river beds fill up pretty quick witht he rain. Cue us  tearing across the river bed and enlisteing some locals to help push the green machine up the river bed which had an angle of about 45 degrees. 5 mins after we crossed the river it was in full stream complete with kids washing in it. no major hassle at the border cameroon side. roads where soaking for the 30 km to the main road. flooded the engine a couple of times and had to enlist some mlore locals to help ford a 100m wide river which was in full flow. caused a riot when we hande dout free sweeties to say thanks.

we now jsut had to get the 1000 miles to kribi. stayed th enight in mora and had another early start the next day. motered alogn the inthe lornign quite nicely until i hit a pothole at 60 mph causing us to dent the wheel. 30 mins of beating it back into shape. unfortunatley we discovered that the front wheels had jsut about worn through. so we picke dup some loe beefy tires at the next tozn. we should have clocked on how quickly they wore out seeing as we had only put them on the day before at the front. but we didn’t.

stayed the night in a very longosunds name right up inthe mountains. which was very pleasent. hit up the markets for some great street meat and snacks that night. left at the crack of dawn again to bertou. roads where decent except for one strecth which took us 3 hours to cover 100 km but thats jsut part our bread and butter these days. no problems after all we had 4 beefy tires now and some serious ground clearence. only one slight probmlem as we were nearing town i noticed the steering was very heavey. quick look at the front wheels revealed that when piointed straight the wheels where point at two different directions outwards. it appears that the roads had finally taken their toll and ‘realigned’ the tracking on the wheels and not for the better. the brand nez tired we had bought the day before had become alost worn through. so a quick 5 wheel change we moved the back ones tot he front and vice versa. pulled into tozn very slozly that night.

next morning after a bit of a confab with his dad Dustie went to work on fixing out tracking with only a ruler and a spanner. and what a job he did. managed to make it so onlmy one was pointing at a slight  angle. top work. as there was no way we would make the remaining 600 km otherwise we set off the next mornign through the jungle which was an awesome dirt track through the rainforest. constant checking of the wheels revealed minimal tire loss and despite a very wonky steering wheel we rolled into Kribi at 6 pm that night. Ants was there with some cold beers which was ,uch aprreciated. the hotel is awesome and for a change dustie and i aren_t having to shack up inthe same bed.

So thats it, 9755 miles in a ford fiesta covered in astroturf. two very dirty heros . a bunch of money rasied for a very worthy charity donated by some very generous folk. which we can’t say thank you enough to. 5 days of chillign out before we fly home first thing on sunday morning. we will try and tidy up the blog over the next fez days and weeks and put some photos up when we get a decent speed. so check back. no doubt dustie will have some stuff to add to it all.


Happy Days



  1. Hey Guys!! Really well done on the journey so far, you have achieved something really special in that little car!! Dustie it will be great to have you home in time for some celebrations with us. Have a relaxing few days until your long journey home. Be safe. very much looking forward to seeing you.

    Donna xx

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