Posted by: returnoftheheroes | October 20, 2008

Africa Overlanders

I noticed that we’re getting a lot of traffic from the folks at Africa overland, which is awesome. Great site which we used a lot as well when we were plannign our trip as well.  Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions about our route or visa’s either here or at our email

heros_in_hawaiian_shirts (at)

I’d also check out the the link to Team Africa Battle Star which is over to the right of the page. they wrote a really good blog as they were going along. they went from bukina to Niger  before going through nigeria and onto cameroon.  There was another blog called travel africa as well which is the in links to the right which where a good source of info too.

Generally we stuck to the red routes on the 741 Map as we found deviating from them led to some pretty crap road conditions.

We ended up going through morocco, muaritatnia, mali, bukina faso, togo, benin, nigeria and cameroon.

We had visa’s before hand for bukina, benin, nigeria and cameroon and got the other ones at the border.

generally the main travel documents they were after was our car ownership papers, carnet, local insurrance (you can get one that covers french speaking africa at the border in mauritania), passports and very occasionally yellow fever certificate.  the police when they stopped you were usually trying to get soemthign out of you by finding fault with your papers but provided you have them all you shouldn’t need to worry.

We heard stories of peopel beign checked for their saftey stuff, i.e warning triangles x 2, high viz, fire equipment etc, but we only got stopepd once about that.

Check what the rules for right hand drive cars in cameroon is as that is goign to be changing soon but that might only affect importation of these cars.

There is another team (can’t remember which) on the links who went through algeria and northen niger if you plan on that route and need soem info.


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