Mild mannered low level hero who is getting far to excited about tearing through West Africa in an old Ford Fiesta.  I’ll be joined by a stand up fella called Dustie who has agreed to embark on this adventure despite having only met me twice before. Look for his bloggings here as well.

We are about to embark on a road trip of epic proportions. Beginning in London England and finishing in Kribi Cameroon, some 8000 miles  and 15 countries laters. All in a 1.1L Ford Fiesta which has already been around the block several thousand times and has now been covered in Astroturf for good measure.

Naturally we didn’t think this half baked scheme up ourselves. For this I point to the trusty Adventurists who in the past and present have organized some great adventures to Mongolia and through India. This is just mearly the latest installment.

We are taking part with 40 odd other teams in this journey all taking a route of our choosing. We will be following the more classic but longer Atlantic Route which after Europe will take us through Morocco, Mauratania, Mali, Bukina Faso,  Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria and ending in Cameroon.

Of course there is the charity side of things, raising money for Frank Water Projects and CWAF

Hopefully the African infrastructure will allow us to keep you chaps and ladies up to date with our adventures. Obviously we are always keen to get some tips and advice for places and things to do along the way. In return…..well we’ll try to keep you informed with the ups and downs of which i”m sure there will be many



  1. Just read your webpage and only now fully appreciate what you are doing. Are you crazy? Obviously so that was a stupid question. Good luck and I’ll make sure to keep tabs on your progress.

    On reading your blog up to now I now think I have a good song that would have been appropraie for your travels – Crazy Horses by the Osmands!

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