Posted by: returnoftheheroes | July 28, 2008

9&10 days

Quick update

as this keyboard is stiicky and crazy layout again

in the capitl of Mauri

when we last left you we were at the top of W Sahara

We  motored down hard core. again a whole bunch of nothing in patrticular. lots of sand and camekls. gotto Dakhla in the lunch time. quite a cool place its built out on a pinesula. lovely big beaches stretching every where. loads of windsurfers and kitesurfersd about. didn’t sty loing though an dpushed on tot he border

ended up taking a right towards the beach at a petrol station about 60 km from the border. best move yet. we rocked up in this little fishing shanty. where they showed us this awesome little cove to camp. gave us this enournmlous fish and some 2kgs of langustines all for a packet of cigs. had a great meal, but terrible night sleep, the wind was howling

hit the border first thing inthe moring

the morrocqns hate to se you leave. we spent 6 hours there going from one luine to another. everyone is writing doznt he same bit of information like 20 m a part but youhave to que for each one.

anyways got through and had to travel across no mans land which literally was no mans land. hid all our beer in silly places as it is illiegal to bring beer in. got to the border got asked for our first bribe. i played dumb and we got the visa’s anyways. niot a lot to be said really had a bit of a muision finding petrol but go some in the end. these guuys love their check points even more here. literally in th middle of the desert but mae good time to the capital.

got shaken down by some traffic cop for an “infraction” so that was 10 euro wasted on him. tried to get out of it but no luck. now in a fiarly decent camping hotel in the cetnre of town

going to try and push for the mali border tommorow with the aim of cross ing it the day after.

4500 miles on the clock in 10 days!


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